Mesa Hazardous Waste Disposal

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The mesa county hazardous waste Facility at the landfill is getting a 460,000 dollar makeover. The facility processed 55,000 feet of fluorescent light bulbs, 11,000 gallons of …

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Covering Mesa: Household Hazardous Materials Facilities opens Maricopa County has a Waste Tire Recycling program that is available to all Maricopa County residents. For more information, call the maricopa county solid Waste office at (480) 987-2498 or call the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality at (602) 207-2300.

If you plan on visiting the Hazardous Waste Facility on a windy day, please call 256-9543 prior to coming out to ensure the facility is open. The Mesa County Hazardous Waste Collection Facility is open to all mesa county residents and CESQG businesses. The facility CAN NOT accept waste from OUT OF COUNTY residents or businesses.

The City Council will spend $12,000 to hire Americlean Environmental Services to draft a hazardous waste management plan for all city departments … up with an efficient way of disposing it. Costa …

La Mesa residents may drop off household hazardous waste items (such as CRTs) free of charge at EDCO Station by appointment only. Please call (619) 287-5696 ext. 4270 or email to schedule an appointment. 2019 HHW Disposal Dates (Appointment required. City of La Mesa Residents Only.):

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Hazardous Waste Experts is the local choice for hazardous waste disposal in Mesa, Arizona. In addition to management of hazardous waste, our subsidiary medical waste experts can assist you with the handling and disposal of sharps, biological waste, or other healthcare waste streams.

City of Mesa residents should bring these hazardous and other accepted items to the household hazardous materials (hhm) facility for proper disposal. Our convenient drive-thru provides a quick and easy drop-off process. **Tip: Minimize the generation of hazardous,toxic and dangerous materials. Consider using safer alternatives instead.

Mesa city officials on Wednesday … can be found at …